A Mortgage Broker Offers Homebuyers Mortgage Options and Opportunities…

A Mortgage Broker Offers Homebuyers Mortgage Options and Opportunities…

A Mortgage Broker Offers Homebuyers Mortgage Options and Opportunities…

As a Licensed, Independent Wholesale Mortgage Broker, A Plus Mortgage Solutions, Inc., is able to provide more mortgage options, better rates/terms and the highest quality of service compared to our competitors.

In order to explain why this is so, it is important to understand what a Licensed, Independent Wholesale Mortgage Brokerage is.

We are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Banking & Securities and all Mortgage Loan Originators (MLO’s) must complete 8 hours of continuing education each year in order to renew their MLO license each year.  Our license status as well as the license status of each MLO can be verified at any time at https://mortgage.nationwidelicensingsystem.org/about/Pages/NMLSConsumerAccess.aspx.  MLO’s that are employed at banks and credit unions are only required to register in system and do not maintain a professional license.

We are an independent, locally-owned mortgage brokerage.  A Plus Mortgage Solutions, Inc. is not owned by any other entity and; therefore, is not beholden to a larger institution’s shareholders and their respective business models.  This permits us to offer a variety of mortgage programs and serve more customers by being able to find a lender that has the mortgage program to meet their individual needs.

We offer mortgage products on a wholesale basis which means that we obtain interest rates for each mortgage program from a variety of lenders at a discount compared to the rates offered at a bank, credit union or mortgage banker.  As a small business with less overhead, we are then able to pass those savings on to our customers in the form of lower interest rates and/or lower origination fees.

As a Mortgage Broker, we directly negotiate or place mortgage loans for others in the primary market for consideration.  By working with several wholesale mortgage lenders, we are able to find a mortgage program to meet your unique circumstances at the best terms.  As a local, small business, we care about serving our community and our customers.  We communicate with our customers directly from pre-approval, thru the Underwriting process and work hard to get transactions to closing as seamlessly as possible and are always available after closing, as well, to answer questions that arise.  We are here for you!  Please contact us with any questions that you may have via phone or text, Jeremy McMichael 717-574-9046 or Angie McMichael 717-825-7687, or via the pre-approval loan application form on our website found at https://aplusmortgagesolutions.com/loan-application/

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