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July 30 , 2015

Jeremy always gets the job done well and on time without worry and stress. - Sally Chaplin

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Zillow reviews

5 stars on 11/17/2020

Jeremy did a great job! Everything went smoothly, and we got to the settlement table without any issues. He was in regular communication with us so we knew things were moving along, and we were right on track. We would highly recommend Jeremy to anyone who needs a lender.

5 stars on 11/16/2020

I was impressed with Jeremy's customer service & rates. He didn't try to push his agenda with added fees to get "Better Rates". If your looking for someone you can trust to provide a good loan that'll be with you for years to come then I'd highly recommend Jeremy!

5 stars on 11/15/2020

Jeremy is top notch in his field. He took care of everything we needed as quick as possible. We closed over a week earlier then we were suppose to and he had everything ready for us. If you choose anywhere else to get a mortgage, you will be sadly disappointed in the service compared to Jeremy.

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